DJ Services

WE GOT YOUR DJ NEEDS COVERED!  In addition to all your sound, lighting, staging, band procurement and decor, Crux has addded VJ and DJ Services.

What is VJing?

VJing is the art and craft of using moving images in a real-time performance to engage with people in a space, typically through screens and projections.  The desired result is to create a dynamic and visceral visual experience.  During an event, Video Jockeys (VJ's, visualists, live mix video artists, etc.) are the ones mixing tghe video live.  "Mixing" is basically the creative way a VJ blends, layers and combines and changes various parameters of their videos/moving images.  This is done with interesting combinations of software, hardware, and mixed medias.  We take your favorite music & photos from the weekend or the past and create a montage of moving images all set to the beat.  We also point live camera's on the dance floor and mix the live stream into the show.  It will make a great back drop for your live band as well.  This is a ton of fun and you will love it.  Give us a call and book your band, DJ or VJ today.  We can handle all your wedding production needs as well.